The Value of Human Nature

One of the basic questions we ask in seeking to understand who we are and our place in life is, “What is a human?”  The answer to this question comes from the Source and design of our human nature.  In seeking this answer, we embark upon an inner journey of self-discovery and mastery, exploring the profound aspects of this question.  As we discover the value of our human nature and its function, we open to the relationship with creation, learning its basic laws of operation that we may further participate in its evolutionary unfolding.  We open to the divine Source of our human nature through the spiritual connections that directly bond us to our Creator via the energies of LOVE.

 In seeking to perceive the value of human nature, we come into relationship with our Divine Source, asking to experience that value from the divine heart.  Here is where we will experience our value as immense and immeasurable.  Much of human striving is founded on the desire to experience this sublime awareness of the Creator’s loving value for ourselves.  That awareness usually grows incrementally.  But  now, at this particular time of our planet’s evolution, we are being invited to say “yes” to our human nature to a greater degree  that we may more fully and consciously cooperate with our original design.

Our human nature is designed upon a love-trust relationship with our Creator Parent.  At the spiritual level, our Divine Parent loves us and invites us into relationship.  We are given free will to decide whether to open to this relationship.  Our Divine Creator/Parent is loving, patient, and compassionate, awaiting the moment when we are ready to open to our innate relationship with Source, and the concomitant comprehension of who we are as evolving persons living on a material world.  The door is open at the spiritual end.

The difficultly we encounter in experiencing our Source and our innate value results from our conditioning.  We suffer from mistrust, suspicion, and fear about our Divine Source.  Such conditioning inhibits the development of this primal relationship between Divine Creator Parent and human child.  Mistrust is part of our planetary culture of consciousness.  It was spawned in an earlier time in our history with far reaching and lasting repercussions through these many millennia.  While it is interesting to know how this developed, it is not the purpose of this essay to discuss except to point out that this has poisoned us in our relationship with our Creator and with one another.

Mistrust has spread a root system of separation, doubt, and confusion within our consciousness that can be difficult to perceive.  The many factors that have contributed to human mistrust of our Divine Source have directly interfered with the plans and purposes of our Creator and the functioning of CREATION.  These factors contribute to the evolution of our consciousness over many millennia into a fractured state of being wherein we face deep feelings of unworthiness in our relationship to our Creator.  While these factors were not initially created by humans, we do perpetuate them.  Fortunately that can be changed.

The crisis in our culture is the polarization of human value. Unworthiness maintains this attitude, and we see it playing out in all facets of life.  Our present struggle is to overcome unworthiness, to move from the climate of perceiving ourselves as commodities to feed a system of life that benefits and prospers a few to seeing ourselves as valued children of God.

Once the polarization is recognized, we can make a conscious decision about how we wish to view our human nature.  We do have an innate recognition that feeds our self-concept with its true value.  It comes from our Source who validates us in the flow of divine LOVE.  We receive it when we are open and seeking, willing to move beyond the false sense of unworthiness and into the truth that our Creator-Parent wishes to illuminate into our beings.  Our innate value is rooted in the truth that we are children of God created in the divine mind and heart.  The validation of our worthfulness completes the bond between Creator-Parent and human child.  It is an experience we can consciously perceive both in our thoughts and feelings.

We can heal this polarization.  We are in a phase of planetary cultural development to reflect the ways of Godliness that more people may adopt this mode of living for themselves.  As more people take time to investigate their own inner divine Source, the inner light shines truth and love upon any feelings of unworthiness and forms a new frame of reality reference for a person’s self-concept to thrive and progress through creative expression.

We need divine influences to support our inner transformation that we may more fully embrace and then embody the ideas, feelings and behaviors that our Divine Source wishes to teach us.  When we experience the truth within the Parent-child relationship, our sense of self expands, building in us a self confidence and assurance that is based on our innate worth to our Creator.  We gain trust in who we are because now we have felt and realized a loving bond and kinship with our Creator.  Love activates our innate our desire to creatively express our God-given human nature in many unique and diverse ways.

In this experience we comprehend why our human nature is important to the plans of CREATION and our Creator Source.  The illumination is perceived through one’s indwelling Spirit which contains all LOVE and its concomitant divine values of TRUTH, BEAUTY and GOODNESS.  We are all designed to experience our innate value through a direct personal experience with our indwelling Spirit-Source.  Since our Spirit Source takes origin in our Divine Creator, we gain an awareness that all humans children of the same Source.  Increasingly we see one another through this lens of unity.

As more people open to their true worth and value as a human, human consciousness evolves and develops more “bandwidth” serving as a blanket of spiritual information to feed and uplift our understanding of the nature of CREATION.  This blanket of spiritual information is a growing fabric of TRUST IN HUMAN NATURE bathing the world’s consciousness.  It fosters awareness that others may likewise be catalyzed to activate their own innate value.

TRUST IN HUMAN NATURE also acts as a form coding our bodies’ DNA needs to heal the results of mistrust from ancient times.  This will repair much of the subconscious sense of separation in our innate relationship bond with our Creator.  This will replicate and change our collective consciousness. More minds and hearts will receive this awareness of TRUST IN HUMAN NATURE and to encourage people into the beauty of what it means to be an evolving human.  There are lessons to learn about the workings of CREATION.  There are privileges, joys, and responsibilities to learn and experience in being a son or daughter.  Each individual has creator abilities inherited by our Divine Source to use during the material lifetime for the betterment of all life on this world.  Valuing who we are will continue to expand as this blanket of trust takes deeper root in our consciousness thus preparing us to learn the purpose for human life directly from the Source of all LIFE.

The fabric of consciousness containing the influence of TRUST IN OUR HUMAN NATURE brings us into that natural relationship with our Creator-Parent.  As this awareness builds upon the planet, the comprehension of our value to CREATION will further liberate humanity and give us the necessary information we need to transform our lives, heal our world, and create a more heavenly culture on earth.

Ending Divisions in our Culture

Much of the debate about the recent incident at the AME Church in Charleston centers around questions such as “How can this happen? “ and  “What can we do to prevent future occurrences?” These questions reveal a lack of insight into the tears in our social fabric that perpetuate violence.

People speak of this killing spree as racially motivated.  At a certain level this seems to be the case, but we must look beneath the surface to understand its driving forces. What internal conditions of mind and heart foster it?  What influences of the culture breed racism and other forms of intolerance in its various dimensions? There is an elephant in the room.  We do not seem to be able to fully acknowledge and appropriately address the root cause.  These are forms of spiritual illness, spawned in an internal environment of hatred and revenge, and fostered by a spiritually sick culture addicted to violence, intolerance, and bigotry perpetuated by our social institutions.  .

In her book, “Slaves of a Different Kind—Unshackling Our Soul to Heal America,” Yvonne Williams says:  “I believe that we are at a crossroads in American history, a place of such deep division that dramatic change in every facet of our social institutions is necessary if we are going to prevent the continued destruction of innocence, including the innocence of those who have been deceived by the erroneous dogmas of our three greatest institutions: religion, economics and politics.”

Although the differences that divide us—political, gender-based, racial, religious, educational, cultural, economic, and geographic—and will be part of our human life experience for many generations to come, we can adopt a perspective from which to view them that fosters and promotes greater understanding and compassion.

There is something within our innate beings that forms a harmonious and unifying thread connecting every individual together.  When we pay attention to and nurture that common aspect of our beings—our souls—we begin to function more fully as spiritual beings.  We move away from the attitudes that breed disrespect, intolerance, suspicion, and hate.  We access our human spiritual potential, and from that internal perspective the answers to our most pressing social problems can be found.

The antidote lies in recognizing that our human experience springs forth from one source—our connection with our Divine Creator and Parent.  We all have the same spiritual origin.  In this place we are connected and all equal in the eyes of our Spiritual Source, who beckons us to view and experience humanity from the spiritual perspective.  We are invited into a domain wherein differences remain but all separation ceases to exist.  We are filled with the oneness that breeds love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and other spiritual attitudes that heal the individual human life and can then ripple out into the fabric of society.

The divisiveness caused by certain rigidly held belief systems undermines this fundamental oneness about what is truth.  As a very diverse culture, we will always have differences of opinions, but we can find a common ground to perceive what is true and good.  Where we find the real truth is in developing a personal relationship through our spiritual connection to our Spiritual Source in daily inner communion.  There is a flow of information streaming from our Source that has the ability to inlay the attitudes, thoughts and feelings that motivate us to do good—to love, to forgive, and to treat one another with patience, tolerance, and compassion if we have the courage and curiosity to open to develop our human potential.

America is face to face with the fact that we are still a culture of divisiveness that continues to foster violence as its means of maintaining this attitude.  Are we willing to look with humility at the ways we are out of balance with our spiritual needs and at what our souls require so that we may be healthy, productive, and positive human beings?  The sickness in our souls indicates that our innate spiritual nature is not being fed with what it needs to foster positive human development. Only a Spirit Source can provide the essential nutrient necessary–love, and it is by accessing our internal spiritual dimension of our beings that love can be received and perceived in heart, mind and soul.

Recognizing our spiritual illness and taking steps of personal responsibility by developing our inner connection with our inner spiritual nature brings us into a much better position to collaborate with one another to develop a strong social fabric and implement lasting solutions that build stronger community bonds.  When will we wake up and recognize this is at the core of all our problems as a society and take positive personal action at the spiritual level?

Message for the Heart–August 31, 2014

Beloved ones, this is your Divine Mother.  The universe is your home, and your planetary culture is opening to the larger perspective of who you are as its children.  Allow yourselves to be filled with wonder and awe as you look out upon the starry skies with the recognition that you will one day journey through this expansive galaxy and explore the various dimensions of creation.

 You are actually designed for adventure.  It is a gift from Spirit to stimulate your thirst for exploration into new realms and experiences.  While many people will be attracted to attempting feats of physical daring, when you apply this urge for exploration to the spiritual realm, you actually begin to activate a more challenging and intriguing adventure.  It is one of eternal discovery of the facts and meanings of LIFE itself, which wants to disclose its various aspects by teaching you through experience.

This offers you various spiritual thrills that are so satisfying to your souls because you gain more love, understanding and insight that becomes your eternal possession.  You truly move beyond the confines of your material reality into what awaits you in the universe—into a realm that you cannot see with your material senses—but you activate those spiritual sensing abilities that feed the deepest yearnings of your hearts and souls.  It takes courage and faith to explore this spiritual dimension because you are just awakening to the possibilities of what this can mean for your lives.  You do not have all of the information from your culture about what this entails—you are pioneering new territory for yourselves.

Know as you take this on this spiritual exploration that you will be supported in many ways and encounter many loving personalities who wish to sojourn with you along your path.  The universe is friendly, loving, and always enticing you into discovering its mysteries.  Begin now!  Allow the desires within your heart for adventure to be touched by Spirit by simply asking for the doors of the universe to open within your consciousness.  Allow the information to flow.  Trust your intuition and what is being shared with you.  Then step boldly in your daily lives and into the unfolding comprehension of what is means to live as a child of the universe now on the greatest adventure you can ever take for yourselves.

Message for the Heart–August 24, 2014

My children, this is your Father in Spirit.   As you go about life, you will be guided to like-minded and like-hearted individuals with whom you can develop splendid friendships.  This is the way in which the brother/sisterhood of humanity will grow on your world.  Seeded within each soul is a tiny spirit magnet that draws humans together.  The energies contained within the heart take this soul-magnet and use it to gather people into relationship.  You have all heard and experienced the term “kindred spirits” which speaks to this type of relationship.  This is the bond that brings you together and deepens your connection when you engage with one another.

My desire for my children of this world is to develop more heart-centered friendships.  While the intellect may draw you into relationships with people who share similar beliefs and systems of perceiving reality, establishing more relationships based on the heart truly satisfies because they activate the soul and nurture you from the deeper levels of your being.  Do you wonder why you feel so good around people with whom you have this heart-relationship?  It is because you are soulfully fed and satisfied.

So during this time of change, set your intentions to develop more heart-centered relationships that your celestial helpers may bring more people like this into your lives.  Enjoy what you come to know of one another.  Let their heart energies and yours blend together so that your souls may be watered with kinship and affection.  Grow in your relationships that you may become a web of heart energy and attract others into what you can share with them of your own hearts.  Know that this is one way you can participate to bring the heavenly ways to earth, and enjoy how you are building more love on the planet through these dynamic friendships.  You never know who will cross your path, so remain open to all who come into your circle of influence and trust that there is someone there who also has an open heart to share with you!




Message for the Heart–August17, 2014

Beloved children, this is your Spirit Mother.  As universe children, you are in relationship with me.  You and I can develop more intimacy as I desire to help you grow in comprehension of who you are and to imprint upon the aspects of divine motherliness that is your birthright.  There is much for you to learn about what is motherliness…your human understanding very much conditioned by the various traditions of many cultures, yet behind that I stand and share with you who and what I am.

When you open yourselves by setting the intention to know me, I will shine my divine essence upon you and help you experience my being through the portal of your heart.  You will grow in comprehension of me the more you devote time and focus to receive from me what I delight to provide to you.  You develop a bigger conceptual frame of reference to what is my role in the evolution of consciousness.  You will also imprint upon my love for you that supports your emotions to become more infused with love, compassion, tolerance, patience and kindness.  This upstepping will foster greater emotional stability and fill you with a peace that no one will be able to take from you.

Take a few moments now.  Sit and ask for my presence to fill you.  Relax your body and quiet your thoughts.  Wait.  I will respond.  Fill your lungs with breath and know that I am your “Breath of Life” as it is my consciousness that sustains your very being.  Stay in this focus for as long as you need, relaxing and allowing the presence of Spirit to move in and through you.  Know that you can return to this state of mind and feeling whenever you need.  I am your Mother and I live in every cell of your being, nurturing and supporting you as you journey through LIFE.  Come to know me and grow in LOVE.


Message for the Heart–August 10, 2014

My children, this is your Father Michael.  Human resistance to following the divine action of LIFE is the repercussion of evolving out of step with the laws and principles of the universe and creation.  Many provisions are being made to help you outwork this influence in your consciousness mind and body, but you can certainly help this along by your conscious cooperation and heart-felt command of your mind with that inner resolve to open to the outpouring of LOVE through the power of FORGIVENESS.

Forgive this resistance.  It was not humanly created, but it has been evolving through humanity for many generations, replicating in many ways through your world and the institutions that evolved in this mind-set of denying the will of the Creator.  The pain the human body carries is part of this resistance, and the time is upon humanity to allow this to be outworked on a more collective level.  This is the divine hand of MERCY releasing you from this crushing burden, helping you find the inner JOY that renews your desire to live a fulfilling and spirit-led life.

Come to me, my children, and ask for my MERCY, FORGIVENESS and LOVE to heal this inner stubborn resistance.  Release resistance to me, and I will replace it with what I desire to give to each person, uniquely and completely.  Fill yourself with my heart’s desire, beloved ones, and grow in the LOVE that is your birthright, now being restored to you.  Savor this energy and know that you can come to the inner well of my being and be renewed time and again until you are fully and completely satiated in the energies of divine LOVE and PEACE.

Message for the Heart–August 3, 2014

Beloved children, this is your Universe Mother.  An awareness of my presence is growing upon the planet.  My children are attuning to the call of Spirit within their beings and they are seeking better ways to meet the challenges of life.

Some call this the divine feminine energy; some refer to this as the power presence of the Holy Spirit.  Whatever way you are responding to this inner awareness, know that it is my personality as your Divine Mother, and I desire to establish a more intimate relationship with you, in whatever way you are open.

There is much I can share with you of my Motherliness that provides you with more safety and security in and around you.  While your planetary construct of consciousness may promote fear and separation, when you come to me and ask me to share my love for you with you, I can shower you with my personality essence that surrounds you with those feelings of being safe and help you grow in the security of my presence as the womb of life and creation.

From that inner place, you will grow in that sense of unity and harmony with life that fosters greater self-confidence in who you are as a child of creation.  All I ask is that you spend time with me each day, and ask for my Mother’s touch to enfold you.  As you do this each day, know that you are helping to establish more of the ways of Mother upon the planet.  You will live from this place of inner security that allows you to co-create with your spirit more of your personality gifts.

This is what is now changing the world, my children, and as you allow your Mother to uplift you, you will certainly come into a deeper appreciation of how LOVE flows through my being and what it means for the evolution of the divine creative plan of LIFE upon your world.

Message for the Heart–July 27, 2014

My children, this is your Spirit Father.  I have been called many names through the ages, and it is not important that you understand what my name is in the universe, but that you know me as a loving and devoted father.  Many of my children of this world have been very abused by their human fathers, and this acts as a barrier to develop a personal relationship with me.  However, when you have a spiritual hunger for a father, this is the signal that you are ready to heal those wounds and search for something that will indeed transform that unhealthy masculine influence within your beings.

I invite you today to simply have that curiosity to ask the question, “What is a perfect father like?  I need to know and feel that.  I deserve that and I did not get all of the love I need from my human father.”  As you ask this question within your heart, quiet your thoughts and feel your desire to experience divine fatherly love.  I will come close to you and speak into you.  My presence may press upon some painful memories and cause you to cry, yet these are the tears that can wash away your pain as I touch your heart with gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and love.

As you receive my love, you will start to perceive a new strength activating something inside.  My love validates your soul worth, which is the deepest part of your being.  From this inner awareness you will find more courage and confidence in yourself…something has been catalyzed in you to spur you on to develop your human potential and spiritual growth.

So, my beloved children, come to me for the Father imprinting that will provide you with a new awareness of what is a godly man.  You will learn from me what it means to embrace this part of the personality of Divine Fatherhood.  You will grow in the understanding that this is what will shift the misaligned masculine planetary energies toward what is truly good, beautiful and true and bring about more the gender balance, so that all may benefit from the Godly masculine energies of LIFE.


Message for the Heart–July 20, 2014

My dear children, this is your Divine Mother.  It is time for my children to know PEACE—to put away their weapons of mass destruction and to cultivate their spiritual potential by employing the ways of peace.  While you might consider that physical weapons of destruction are what destroys human life that is only the material representation of what is really the destructive force at work here.

Underlying all of the violence are the attitudes and beliefs that divide humanity and foster greed, corruption, poverty, inequality, illness, deception, intolerance, prejudice and other ills that are epidemic in your culture.  When will you learn that it is better to seek to understand one another’s differences through dialogue with the attitude that here is a very different child of God before you that has something important to share with you?  How long will you suffer these horrific wars when the Spirit Within wants to liberate your minds and hearts and help you craft the better ways to live?

Peace is indeed possible for humanity, and I look to my children who have awakened to be the leaders amongst your generation to turn the tide—to become peace itself and then to carry this out into the world.  There is a mighty angelic force to avail yourselves when you place your spiritual intention on becoming peace and how you bring that out into the world.  Here is where we meet and collaborate with you to influence the various leaders and policy makers.  We can help them open to the higher perspective and encourage their efforts for peace.

Will you join us today and continue your peace building efforts?   Come to me and ask me, as your Mother, to seed you with creative ideas that you may become a keeper of peace and help in the planetary efforts to make this world where life becomes safer and more equitable for all.